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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Right Now......

  • I am loving that Finn has been putting Stevie Wonder on before falling asleep
  • I am trying to hang on to the last bit of baby in Phoebe before she is all 'big girl'
  • I am ready to find some new recipes to go into the dinner repertoire.
  • I am disgusted by the invasion of ants in our bathroom.... any suggestions?
  • I am feeling the urge to purge, organize and spring clean!
  • I am so proud of my kiddos and so thankful to be their mama.
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  1. I've heard sprinkling corn starch or corn meal helps with ants. Google it b/c I can't remember which one. Guess they take it back to their colony and poison the whole colony b/c their stomachs can't digest it or something. I haven't tried it but worth looking into since its natural.

  2. with summer coming on here the bugs are coming! We had ants a few years back and I just kept wiping them up with Dr. Bronners and water lol. Probably not too effective. Maybe food grade diatomaceous earth? You could put some where they are coming out. Feel better. We have Texas sized roaches.

  3. We made a "natural" ant killer last summer out of Borax and sugar water. Borax does kill ants but it takes a while. A friend of mine said she used Boric Acid in a little bowl and it attracted and killed the ants. I don't know how toxic that is. Last night on an "informercial" I hear that bay leaves are a natural ant repellent. If you come across a good natural, non-toxic way to get rid of those ants, please share!

  4. Stevie Wonder is the best! I love spring cleaning!! Makes the home fresh :)