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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sum It Up Saturdays

Linking up with Jenny from Peas and Carrots.

This week has been a lot of reflection and a lot of sadness. Even though Boston is on the other side of the country, the loss that they are experience feels very close to home. It breaks my heart that a family lost their young son. That could have been Finn. That was somebody's Finn.

And then I feel lucky. Lucky that my family is safe and happy. We have everything we need. I feel safe walking with my children outside and am surrounded by a community of loving folks. We are so very lucky.

This week has also been playful. The monotony of school seems to be setting in for Finn, so we have been spending lots of time playing. Organizing play dates and making time to just be. Getting our sillies out. Dancing. Running.

This week has also been about planning. Getting Finn registered for kindergarten. Planning crafts and activities for the weeks to come. Coming up with plans for summer activities... I know my kids will go crazy if we just hang out around the house, so my plan is to have a big ol' list of ideas to choose from: places to explore, things to make, etc.

This week has also been about eating differently. Baking gluten-free muffins and cookies. Trying new vegetable juices. And being more involved with what we eat.

And lastly, this has been a week of nature. Finn is learning about bugs at school, so we have been joining in at home and reading books about caterpillars changing into butterflies and about critters that live in the soil. We have been talking about Earth Day, and how important it is for us to keep nature in balance. And we are planning some outdoor excursions for the weekend.

How was your week?

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  1. I totally know how your feel about what happened in Boston. Tragic and senseless. So glad you feel safe in your town and neighborhood. My own post from today echoes many of your feelings. Sounds like things are going well for your little Finn. Let us know how the "gluten free" goes. I wish I had know about gluten free diets when my Josh was Finn's age. We certainly would have given it a try. Thanks and enjoy the weekend.

  2. It was a crazy week here as well, very much overshadowed by the tragedy in Boston..