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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our Weekend

Gluten-free pancakes,
fresh green juice.
Playdates at the park, 
scooter rides, and strolls through the neighborhood.
Some morning yoga,
mama-only trips to the gym,
and some snippets of reading and knitting here and there.
A birthday party, seed planting,
and friends over for a popcorn movie night at our house.

A trip to a soaking pool where Finn
learned to swim!
He has been on the verge for a long time,
but finally felt ready to set aside the water wings
and give it a go.
He had 2 very proud parents!
A celebratory trip out for Ethiopian food was
most certainly in order.

A full morning was spent taking down Phoebe's crib
(she now is on Finn's bottom bunk----
what a big girl!).
We did some major reorganizing and purging,
and even found room for a reading nook,
and I am oh-so-happy with the result!

A very full and productive weekend.

How was yours?

Joining in with Amanda from The Habit of Being.

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  1. Wow, awesome job! Love Finns chair, where did you get it?!

    1. It was a present from my husband's sister. It came from pottery barn though.

  2. What a great weekend! My kiddies officially moved into a bunk bed this weekend too :)

  3. great job Finn! What's a soaking pool?

  4. she is growing fast! and wow, Finn is swimming! That is a very needed skill for life especially when you are near water :) Lot's of changes in your house!

  5. oh! a reading nook. i always wanted one of those as a child and since my mother wouldn't comply, i created one myself in my closet where i read by flashlight ;-)