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Sunday, December 9, 2012


Happily joining in with Amanda at Habit of Being for another weekending post.

This weekend started out with a bang,
the not so good kind.
Phoebe had her turn with the stomach bug
and the poor gal spent the whole night sick.
Let's just say I did 4 loads of laundry Friday night alone.
Thank goodness for washing machines!

Saturday we had a slow morning,
lazing around the house.
We all felt the itch to move,
so we headed for a favorite hike,
only to find the access road closed.
Plans changed,
and we strolled around a local botanic garden instead.
Not quite a hike,
but fresh air none-the-less.
The afternoon brought some quiet time.
A long nap for Phoebe, a much needed rest.
And I had an hour to do a little holiday shopping alone.
I spent most of it at the local bookstore,
browsing the picture books,
enjoying the feel of the crisp pages between my fingers.
It was magnificent.

Today, Sunday, was a special day for Finn.
Two back-to-back birthday parties in the morning.
Home for a quick lunch, and then an afternoon adventure.
We took the bus downtown with his BFF and her mom.
First to see the Nutcracker Ballet,
then to see the giant Christmas tree in Pioneer Square
and then to see this gingerbread house display at The Benson.
We ended the afternoon with hot chocolate and cookies,
then rode the bus home with two wired children!
A perfect holiday date!

Now, after a long and exhausting weekend,
I am trying to decide between motivating,
(the house needs cleaning and those holiday presents aren't going to make themselves)
and going to bed right now.
Yes, it is 8pm here.

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  1. you sure did do tons of stuff over the weekend, I do hope your daughter is all better now. I know once you recharge you will blitz through your list!!

  2. wow, your weekend started off rough. and was so busy. have a wonderful, calm, week. :)

  3. What a whirlwind of a weekend! Sounds exhausting in the best way!

  4. wow your weekend started slow and finished full! hope that tummy bug has left the premises :)

  5. A full, but fun weekend. Hope Phoebe is feeling better.