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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Some Holiday Art

Over the past couple of weeks we have been busy crafting for the holidays. Here is some of what we have made....

The Best Paper Snowflakes (instructions can be found here):

Snowflake Paintings. I saw the idea on The Feminist Housewife, and found a tutorial here:

Thumb-print reindeer, inspired by this.

Snow Globes (Courtney of A Life Sustained recently wrote a tutorial in Rhythm of the Home)

Salt Dough Ornaments (a yearly tradition around here). I posted instructions last year. This year, after they cooled, we painted them with watercolors and had a sparkle party with the glitter!

What have you been crafting around your house? Pin It Now!


  1. So much fun! We've been making lots and lots of Christmas ornaments and cards for everyone the kids can think of. Plus some sewing projects as well. Loving it!

  2. Oh so much Christmas crafting, looks like fun!!!

  3. I love all the crafts! Your Christmas banner in your first pic is stunning!

  4. Lovin' on your holiday crafting! I think we might try to squeeze in some salt dough ornaments yet this season!