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Sunday, December 2, 2012


Happily joining in with Amanda at Habit of Being for another weekending post.

This weekend was a mixture of bustle and relaxation.
Friday night was quiet, with a wee bit of holiday crafting.
I tried to keep my eyes open longer,
but my body was greedy for sleep,
and I decided not to fight it.

Saturday morning there was a (much awaited) trip to the gym for me
and a trip to the neighborhood toy store with Finn
to pick out some presents for upcoming parties.
After lunch we put on some holiday tunes
and decorated our Christmas tree
(and then Phoebe undecorated it about 4 times!).
A late afternoon birthday party,
festive and fun.
Then Todd and I left the kids with a sitter (woo-hoo)
and went to a friend's holiday party.

Sunday morning came too soon,
the kids waking up at 5:00 after we had a late night out.....
Did I mention I love coffee?
Everyone in my house is fighting off a cold,
so today was pretty mellow.
Phoebe and I took a morning walk through the neighborhood
and even had a little bit of sun (a rarity these days).
Finn wrote a letter to Santa,
asking for dominoes, legos, and books.
I have a feeling that Santa will gladly oblige!
Lazy lounging, lots of snacking,
and watching the rain come down outside.
Knowing there are a million things I should be doing,
but just taking some time to "be" instead

How was your weekend?

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  1. Taking time "to be" sounds like a perfect way to end the weekend.

  2. Sounds like a lovely, cozy pre-holiday weekend. I love the picture.

  3. I hope everyone gets over the cold fast. We got out for a walk as well and even though there was not a bit of sun, it was nice to breathe fresh air! Hopefully your daughter will be willing to help undecorate when the season is over ;)

  4. sounds like a busy weekend! hope you all fight those colds off :)