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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Handmade Holidays 2012

Every year, I try to hand make many of my holiday gifts. There is just something special about giving a dear friend something that you made with them in mind, isn't there? And the impact of hand made gifts on the Earth is so much less.... less packaging, less transportation. This year, due mainly to financial restraints, the gifts my family will be giving are almost entirely hand made. And, in trying to not break the bank for the holidays, I decided to make almost all of these gifts from materials I had on hand. So, I am finally using up my stash yarn and stash fabric, and for the odds and ends that I need, I have been heading to Goodwill or Scrap, the local used art supply store. And, so far, I have had great success.

Now that Finn is older, he doesn't appreciate the handmades quite as much. Well, I guess it is not a lack of appreciation as much as it is a desire for things I can't make.... legos, books, and games. So, we will be indulging him in some of his store-bought desires. But, Phoebe, who is not yet 2 does't have a list of Chirstmas wants. So, in addition to her mama handmades, she will be getting some toys from Goodwill as well as some sweet hand-made wooden toys I ordered from Armadillo Dreams.

I know that many of you hand make holidays gifts as well , so if you would care to join me in Handmade Holidays 2012, I would be delighted. Grab a badge and spread the word. Let's hand make our holidays together!

I can't share most of my handmade holiday gifts just yet, as I want the recipients to be surprised, but I will share after they have been opened. I can't wait to see what you are all making as well!
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  1. We are having a handmade Christmas too...something we have been working towards for years. This year everything is handmade with the exception of some art supplies and books. It feels pretty darn good.

    Our reasons are plenty, we like to share handmade gifts, they just feel more personal and full of love. Finances are tight and making handmade gifts lightens the load on our pocket book.

    Sharing your badge on my site :)

  2. What a great idea! :)
    Every year we mostly make handmade gifts. Sometimes we add a few handmade things from friends, which we usually trade for (one of the great things about our local art market.)