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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yarn Along

Joining in over at Small Things for this week's Yarn Along. This week I am still reading Freedom by Jonathon Franzen. I am about halfway through, and am just not getting sucked into this one like I had hoped I would. To lessen my reading motivation, this was a book that I am reading for my book club, and I recently found out that I will be out of town for the discussion portion. So,..... I am still straggling along. The class that I teach ends next Monday however, so I am hoping less grading and class prep will allow me more reading time. I am also hoping that this book gets better. Hmmm. Maybe wishful thinking. I just hate starting a book and not (eventually) finishing it.  Even if I am not really enjoying it, I always feel like I "should" finish it, just in case it suddenly turns into the best book I have ever read or something. But, what usually happens is that I start reading other books, and I will eventually finish Freedom, but it may take me a really, really, long time.
And, I am still knitting some baby shorts for Miss Phoebe from Debbie Bliss' Essential Baby. . I had better hurry, and summer is halfway done and she will outgrow them soon! I have been a bit sidetracked making P her second pair of saartje's booties (free pattern can be found here). The first pair I made for Phoebe were so sweet, but fit her for about a week. I decided I would make her a larger pair and oops... they sure are large. The problem is they basically fit her length wise, but you could pile up about 3 baby feet in there. My husband called them muffin-top booties if that gives you any idea. If I were to ever make these again (which is doubtful since I have made 2 pairs that haven't really fit), I would keep the bigger length while decreasing the height. They sure are cute though.... and at least Phoebe thinks they taste good.....I have also been busy making some felted birthday crowns. For some reason about half of Finn's friends have birthdays in July and August... keeps me busy crafting!
Anyways, hoping to finish these baby shorts in the next week or so so that I can start Phoebe's sweater... there is just never enough time though, is there?

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  1. Oh my gosh...those booties are so super cute. And Kian, sitting on my lap, thinks Pheobe is super cute. He's saying, "awwwww! Baby!" in a sing song way. :)

  2. Such sweet booties - like the color contrast. Your little one is very cute!

  3. i saw those booties on another blog a while back! i want to make them soooo bad! very cute!

  4. um...could you make ME a pair of booties like that? lol! those look so cozy! I will need to try these soon...


  5. Bummer that the booties don't picked such adorable colors! I can relate with wanting to finish a book even if you're not really into it, but life's too short. If you want to move on, move on! I don't really like Franzen (gasp!) so I don't I'll ever get motivated to pick this one up.