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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Photo Exhibit!

Last month, my old photography teacher, Sharon Lavier-O'Keefe (
asked me (as well as all of her previous students) to participate in a photo exhibit. The exhibit is a fundraiser for a medical fund dedicated to one of her students who just recently lost her battle with cancer. The news of this mama of 2, whom I did not know, brought me to tears, and of course I wanted to participate. I donated a framed photo to the exhibit, which began on August 1st. Since we have been out of town, I was finally able to view the exhibit Thursday evening, and I was impressed. Impressed with the number of donations for a woman whom most of us didn't actually know (60+ photos!), impressed with the quality of the photos, and impressed by the generosity of so many. And, I must say that it was pretty darn cool to see my own photo hanging on a exhibition wall! Mine hasn't sold yet, but I still have a couple weeks left so fingers crossed! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Julie Martinez Medical Fund.
If you live in Portland, and feel so inclined, swing by the exhibit and check it out!
Above is a small section of the exhibit. Can you guess which photograph is mine? Pin It Now!


  1. what a great story- So sad to hear she lost her battle-

  2. What a wonderful way to raise funds for such a worthy cause. I'm so glad that so many felt called to donate their work. Which one is yours...hmmm...the flower?

  3. Mine is actually the door! (Surprising, huh?)