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Saturday, August 27, 2011

35 Things to do Before I Turn 35

I am turning 34 today. Wow. Where did all of that time go? I remember being a child, and thinking how 34 sounded so old. I remember my parents "over-the-hill" birthday parties when they turned 40. Are you kidding? Over the hill? That is right around the corner. I think that having children makes time go by even faster. Days are full, and there is always something to be done. And watching a child go from completely helpless to walking and talking in 18 months is nothing short of amazing.... while at the same time becoming the mere blink of an eye.
Next year I will be 35. Sort of a big milestone, I think. So in honor, I am creating a list of 35 things I would like to do before my birthday next year. I tend to be overly ambitious though, so we'll see how it goes.
  1. Knit a sweater for Phoebe
  2. Knit something for myself
  3. Watch the sunrise with someone special
  4. Take a sewing class
  5. Go camping somewhere that I have never been
  6. Pick up my instruments again and start creating music
  7. Do a food cleanse
  8. Take a vacation
  9. Read War and Peace
  10. Go snowboarding at least once (I used to go regularly but ever since having kids....)
  11. Paint the inside of my house
  12. Put baseboard trim in my house (a project I was supposed to undertake 4 years ago)
  13. Tell the people that I love that I love them more often
  14. Learn to make my own earrings
  15. Be a better mama, especially working on being more patient with Finn....
  16. Purge unneeded stuff and learn to live more simply
  17. Teach Finn to swim
  18. Get better at Spanish
  19. Learn about a new classical composer each month and immerse myself in their music
  20. Learn how to identify 10 new plants
  21. Have Moshi (our puppy) very well trained (right now her training is quite mediocre)
  22. Make yoga and meditation a daily happening, even if for only 3 minutes each day
  23. Learn 5 new constellations
  24. Learn to find joy in the mundane
  25. Finish Phoebe's baby book from birth to age 1
  26. Eat more greens
  27. Enter a photo contest
  28. Make a new friend
  29. Volunteer
  30. Go on at least one date each month with my hubby
  31. Re-learn baby sign language
  32. Re-organize the back yard/side yard storage
  33. Get some new house plants
  34. Live for the moment
  35. Don't act my age!

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  1. Love it- I hope you share your progress- I am especially interested in number 19 and 23-
    19 is something that I have been wanting to do with my monkeys and we enjoy driving into the desert- away from the light pollution and star gazing.

  2. We LOVE the Baby Signing Time DVDs with Rachel Coleman. Best signing dvds out there.
    Happy Birthday!!

  3. Love it! I need to get back to playing my own instruments of choice, too. I miss it so much. Good luck with your list! I think you can do it!

    Happy birthday to you!

  4. Happy birthday! LOVE your list! Just wait till you turn 42 ;)