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Monday, June 13, 2011

Some Big Summer Plans

Today is the day that my summer officially gets underway (although with the cool rainy weather around here it certainly doesn't seem like summer) Even though summer is a time when we always seem to be busy, it is a good sort of busy. Summer is the time when life is a little more free, more easy going, and a lot more packed with excitement. It also seems to be my most motivated time of the year and the best time for me to get projects done. So, behold, my summer 2011 project list:
  • Work on sewing from a pattern. Phoebe's bonnet, that I made a couple weeks ago, was my first time sewing from a pattern ever. And it was an easy pattern. I want to expand my pattern knowledge. I plan on starting with sewing an apron from a pattern. If it goes well, maybe I will start using patterns more often!
  • Paint the exterior of my house. This is sort of a big undertaking, especially with a new baby, but my house is small. Really small. So I think a weekend with a couple of friends will be enough time to finish the whole project, and it will look so much better! Now I just need to decide on a weekend (and a color!)
  • Learn to pickle! I learned how to can a few summers ago but have never tackled pickling yet.
  • Choose a sweater pattern for Phoebe. Hopefully I will start knitting it as well, but I at least want to  have it decided on by the end of the summer.I am taking suggestions if anyone has some good one for me....
  • Make homemade paper. I have actually done this before, a really long time ago, but would like to re-learn how to do it and maybe improve my skills. 
  • Restart my 365 project. 365 project is a photo project that allows you to post one photograph for each calender day. It is a real motivation to take lots of (great) photos each and every day and then to sit down and critique them and decide which is your best from that day.  I started this photo project last summer, but then once my pregnancy had me feeling awful, I wasn't up for continuing. So, I want to restart my project again this summer.
  • Perfect a loaf of (yeast) bread. Enjoy it with the glass of beer pictured above.
Do you think I can do it all? What are your summer goals? Pin It Now!


  1. Wow! You have so many fun ideas for summer!

    I think we are going peach picking this week. I'm so excited!

  2. cool I want to see the dandelion dye project-

  3. An ambitious list! But, I know that you can get it all done and done wonderfully. I'm looking forward to seeing all the fruits of your labor. :)