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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My First Giveaway!!

I opened an etsy shop in January and it has been chugging along slowly. I have had a few sales, not as many as I would like, but enough to keep me motivated to use my sewing machine on a regular basis. Last week I came up with a new item for my etsy shop- a wooden teething bracelet. I made a few the other night and it was sort of addicting.. so I decided to make one for a giveaway. I know some of you also have young babies and could probably use one of these around your house (or maybe you have friends or family with a teething babe?). Phoebe is about 3.5 months now, and I suspect our first round of serious teething is just around he corner.
These teething rings are made from all-natural unfinished wooden beads wrapped in 100% cotton fabric. The beads are just the right size for a wee one to bite, and I have sewed extra carefully to make sure that they stay secured within the fabric bracelet (that said, never leave your baby unattended with this toy, just in case!). This bracelet is practical for a teething ring but also cute enough for mom to slip onto her wrist as a bracelet for a teething ring on-the-go.
I have seen some of these teething toys as a necklace style where the mom can wear it while the baby chews on it. I thought that having a bracelet that mom can slip off and hand over to baby may work a bit better for my lifestyle. I normally wouldn't wear a bracelet as big as this one, but then again I don't wear burp cloths or breastmilk stained clothes without a baby around either!
Anyways, if you would like to enter to win this teething bracelet, just leave me a comment. If you are a "no-reply" blogger, make sure to include your email address in your comment or check back on Monday. That's it. Easy, right? I am willing to ship anywhere on earth! All comments need to be submitted by midnight (PST) on Sunday. I will choose a winner by random selection and will announce the winner on Monday (if you win I will also send you an email).
P.S.- don't worry... the one I will be giving away looks like this, but is not this exact one. Your will be Phoebe-slime free!

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  1. well i was hoping i could when THAT one. my niece needs to build up her immune system.

  2. Those look so cute and so useful! I am pregnant with my 2nd and I wish I had something like that for my first. Great giveaway and thanks for the chance!
    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  3. This is beautiful, Taryn! I love that it's made with all natural much better than those yucky plastic teething rings. :)

  4. so cool- my nephew Max would put this to good use in a couple of months- I am so happy that you are creating for your shop and family.

  5. Nice teething ring! My daughter is teething right now and she's very cranky. So, this would be handy to have :)

  6. What a fantastic idea! Totally adorable! Fiona and I would both love one of those!

  7. Love this idea! And so excited for this giveaway. Your sweet Phoebe sure looks like she's enjoying it.

  8. How on earth did I miss this post till now? Your first giveaway! How fun! I have seen these as necklaces on etsy too and thought it was a neat idea but a bit much. The downsized bracelet idea is a great idea! Would love to win your first giveaway!

  9. Mauro Enfield directed me to your blog a little while ago and I have been reading pretty regularly. I also now have a 2.8 yr old and an almost 3.5 mos year old and I am so impressed that you find the time to keep your blog regularly updated and to make all the beautiful things you make! you are totally an inspiration! I had no idea about your Etsy store! I'm going to check it out now. :)
    You're awesome!