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Thursday, June 9, 2011

My 2011 Summer Reading List: Here We Go!

Today is my last day of the term. I give a final this afternoon, grade all weekend, and submit final grades on Monday. So, in the world of a teacher, summer starts next Monday. Woohoo! Although, technically, I only have a week break and then I begin a new term, which is actually more time and work intensive for me than my current class. And with Finn's preschool taking a break for the summer, I am a full time mama with no breaks, working more hours, and I seem to have about a million other things going on. So, this summer will be busy, but it is summer nonetheless, and I am excited. Just the idea of summer gets me a little giddy at times.
Anyways, each summer I compile a reading list of books that I hope to read. My list for this summer was HUGE, but I narrowed it down to my top 9. However, even that is a bit optimistic, as I am currently in the middle of 4 books (not on my reading list) that I need to finish before I can even begin my summer choices. Plus, I am starting a book club next week which will add more to my reading pile. And, a few of my top 9 are pretty long and intense books.... So, I am going to do my best to tackle them all, but I will forgive myself if I don't complete all 9. (Actually, if I read 6 of them, I will be pretty impressed with myself. There is just not much time to read with 2 little ones at home!). And, to be honest, one of these books is straight from my reading list from last year that I still haven't gotten around to, and 2 of the 4 books that I am currently reading are also from last summer's list.
Anyways, here is what I am hoping to read this summer. Do you have a summer reading list?

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  1. Very good list! I've read Yarn Harlot, Stolen Harvest, and The Shock Doctrine--all very, very good. I started One Straw Revolution when I was first pregnant, but had to put it away (I'd like to pick it up again, though!). I always have a huge ongoing list and pick from it whatever sounds interesting in the moment.

  2. man, I need to read fun books instead of just parenting books;)
    I actually have a Barbara Kingsolver book I am reading now and just got Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, but man that is a whopper and I will probably have to return it before I get close to finishing.
    I need to stop watching movies at night and go to bed early to read.
    Hey, you just made our new book club reading list...