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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Gratitudes (and Complaints)

Hello Sunday. It's a rainy one here in Portland. This week was a bit tough- can I complain for a moment, even though this is a gratitude post?  Phoebe was sick. ALL week. I pulled my neck muscles while getting dressed (you know you are old when you injure yourself getting dressed, right?). And I have a bunch of mysterious bites all over my legs.... after the first 9, I figured a spider got stuck in my pants. But when I got a bunch more bites a few days later, I figured it had to be something else. Maybe fleas, but I can't find any sign on any of the pets and the kids don't have any bites. And once my mom suggested maybe bedbugs, fleas started to sound pretty awesome. I am actually surprised I fell asleep last night.... I spent most of today cleaning, and have my fingers crossed that it was just a freak thing.... Anyways, my gratitude journal kept me focused on the good things that happened this week- and here they are!
  • Getting to see the premier of a documentary film that a couple of my friends made and stared in (It's called Kharma Bums and it was so good!). I was super impressed. It also inspired me to think about trying to travel again. I haven't gone on a big out-of-North-America adventure since before I had kids, and I think that time is getting near. So fun to think about where to go!
  • Acupuncture. It was a big help for my injured neck this week.
  • That the kids' dad has been so accommodating. It's really hard for me to take the day off of work, as I have a class full of students depending on me. So, when Phoebe was sick this week, he worked from his home with her on Tuesday and Thursday so that I could still go to work. Made my life a whole lot easier.
  • That my ex-sister in law and I still have an awesome relationship. She recently moved to Portland and I wasn't sure how things would go between us. But, we are still solid, and that makes me happy.
  • That Finn and I have managed to not get sick despite Phoebe being down for the count for all of last week (I am knocking on wood right now).
  • Love. Right now I am surrounded by two amazing kids, and 5 snuggly pets (who may or may not have fleas).  There is so much love happening in my house!!!

What have you felt grateful for this week?

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  1. So sorry for the crappy parts of your week. I do hope you figure out those bites soon, and that it isn't bed bugs...shudder!

    And despite all that, you still have so much to be grateful for. I, too, still have an amazing relationship with my ex sister in law. She is actually going through the exact same thing as us, so it has been nice to have her as a sounding board.

    Have a lovely week Taryn. xo

  2. I am so sorry your girl is sick, my Mike is sick. sigh. I honestly think I would rather be sick that have him not well, but today he is better and back to work.

    Keep looking for the good and have a great week my dear!
    Much love Taryn.

  3. I hope you are feeling better, my husband knelt down in grass and got mysterious bites all over his legs and in places where he was not in contact of the grass, unfortunately they became infected because he would not stop scratching... I hope you do NOT have bedbugs (I'm doubting that one!).

    love that you have support!!

  4. Hi Taryn, poor Phoebe being sick all week! Glad you and Finn didn't come down with it. Even if your pets don't have fleas- did you go on a walk somewhere that fleas could have been? I've gone on walks and had fleas bite me all over my legs, they tend to bite a whole bunch, whereas with other bug bites I'll only get a few. Glad the acupuncture helped! I've never tried it, but my sister swears by it.

    Love to you!

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