Mama Gone Green is a blog dedicated to raising happy children and reducing our impact on the Earth. My name is Taryn and I am the mother of 2 young kids and an environmental studies instructor at a community college in Portland, Oregon. Please join me as I journey through life as a mama, teacher, knitter, photographer, gardener, and environmentalist!

Friday, March 18, 2016


Phoebe has been studying owls in her preschool class- They did some owl research and the class even had a sweet art exhibit where they displayed owl paintings, clay creations and a paper mache owl. I was very impressed.

Last weekend, Tryon Creek State Park held their annual Owlfest, and I knew that Phoebe would get a huge kick out of it since she has been immersed in owls lately. The weather was terrible, on and off downpours all day, but we braved the rain and headed out. Phoebe got to dissect and owl pellet (so cool!), make some owl art, and meet two captive owls (they are captive because they are injured). Plus, it is the start of trillium season over here, so we made time for a quick little hike as well.

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  1. I love her owl painting. And owl pellets, how fun!!!

  2. you've become really good at photography over the years.

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