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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Crater Lake

Many years ago, when Finn was just a wee babe, the family headed to Crater Lake. We were so excited to see it.... and when we got there, it was so overcast and foggy that we could barely see the lake. Ever since then, I have been eager to go back and to see the lake in all it's glory... with sunny clear skies and the vibrant blues that the lake is known for.
I finally got my chance to go back this week as my mom is in town for a visit, and she has also been wanting to visit there. We packed up the kids and dogs (which made for a very full car, by the way) and spent a few days in Bend, Oregon. We did a day trip to Crater Lake on Monday. The good news was that we could see the lake. However, despite sunny clear skies for the week before we headed down, it was overcast and cloudy on Monday. We still had spectacular views, but alas, did not get to see the amazing blue of Crater Lake. Maybe next time. ;)

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  1. Wow, looks amazing! Now I want to visit it too :) Hope you are well. Your kiddos are getting big.

  2. It looks very cool! Beautiful, stunning landscape.