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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015!

Happy New Year!!!

Just as I was getting used to the idea that it was 2014, it seems that somehow, another year has slipped past. But even when it catches me off-guard, I always welcome the new year with open arms; it is a chance for new beginnings, new hopes and new opportunities.
I am a list maker, and each year I spend the last week of December writing a list of goals and dreams for the new year to come. And this year was no different. I have made a list of things I want to accomplish, areas in which I want to improve, and dreams I hope come to fruition. And with the fresh start that January brings, there is so much potential for things to happen.
However, rather than dump a list of my personal hopes and dreams upon you, I have decided to choose one word (a trend which many other bloggers and news articles are following as well!) to guide me through the year. So, I have decided that my word for 2015 will be calm. I muddled the idea for one-word over quite a bit and my mind kept returning to calm, which I took as a sign. Except now that I type that word, I really hate how it looks. I keep thinking I typed "clam" which would just be really weird.
Anyways, I guess I will get used to it. I am hoping to find more moments of calm in my life and to bring calm when others need it. To approach life with a calmer attitude. To always be the calm and patient mama my kiddos deserve. So there you have it. Calm. Who couldn't use a little more calm in their life?   (......... I was almost going to type a "woot-woot" after that, but that wouldn't be very calming, would it?)
Have you picked one word for the new year? Would you share it here?

Wishing you all a wonderful (and calming) 2015!!

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  1. Happy New Year. Wishing you and your family all the best for a wonderful year ahead. xo

  2. What a sweet picture :) I hope your new year is off to a good start...

  3. I like the word calm and I think that it's a word that it should be part of our days. Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy new year!

    Lluisa xoxo

  4. I like your 2015 word, I could possibly benefit from the same word! Hoping your 2015 is fabulous! Happy new year!