Mama Gone Green is a blog dedicated to raising happy children and reducing our impact on the Earth. My name is Taryn and I am the mother of 2 young kids and an environmental studies instructor at a community college in Portland, Oregon. Please join me as I journey through life as a mama, teacher, knitter, photographer, gardener, and environmentalist!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Finding Time for Nature

The past few days have been really great. With the holidays over, and our days still free from school and work, we have found a lot more time to be outside. The end of last week was very cold though, so we were bundled for our hikes and didn't venture as far as we would have normally.
On the good side, freezing hikes make for really cool icicles and rime, so we found many treasures along the way.
Today the rain came back and Monday we will once again be back to the grind. We will still find time for hikes and outdoor adventures, but mainly only on the weekends (at least until the days get longer).

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  1. Do you have any favorite trails in Portland?

  2. so nice to be out, we took a walk yesterday and it snowed, sleeted and then stopped. It was lovely!!