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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Handmade Holidays

Ever since Finn was a baby, I have hand-made many Christmas presents for him each year. However, as Finn has gotten older, he has become mainly interested in books, legos, art, and science. He already has plenty of hats and mittens and he won't wear sweaters or thick socks. I couldn't think of anything that he wanted or needed that I could make that he would actually appreciate. So this year, I didn't make him anything for Christmas.
I made Phoebe a felted play mat for her ponies. I actually had a really fun time making it... but so far she hasn't shown a whole lot of interest in it. It comes out here and there for a few minutes, and then is soon forgotten.  I imagine that it will eventually get it's turn, but it may take a while. I knit a dress for Phoebe too-- even though she didn't really need one. But that's all I hand made for my kids this year.
I did make some hand stitched felt ornaments, and knit some cowls, but I was not the crazy crafter that I normally am this time of year. I am not sure if it is because my kids are reaching an age where I can't make what they are really interested in, or if I have become busier or lazier, or if I just felt like they didn't need anything I could make.
It was nice to not be so stressed in the days leading up to Christmas, trying to get everything done in time, but I also feel like the lack of handmade gifts sort of took some of the personalization out of Christmas-- like we let commercialism take over. I missed seeing presents that I made sitting under our tree, and hope that next year I can find the inspiration to hand make more of their gifts. I will have to start the planning earlier next year though......
Did you make many of your holiday gifts this year? If so, when do you start planning and preparing your gifts for the holidays? I swear, I think I need to start in July.... Pin It Now!


  1. The felted mat is so cute!! She must love it! I wish I made handmade goodies this year but I didn't.. Now looking at everyone's photos I wish I made time for making stuff. Maybe next year!? And I agree I need to start in July!

  2. Really like the playmat. It sometimes takes a while for children to start playing with presents, doesn't it? The mat looks like the kind of thing that will eventually be adapted into all sorts of different play projects, from ponies to cars to dinosaurs...

    I used to make quite a bit of stuff for and with the boys when they were younger and we usually at least do a bit of crafting before Christmas - cards, tree ornaments, and the like - but this year has been particular bad for us. Too much work, too little time. As for the crafted and knitted presents, I have found that for a while there wasn't really anything they particularly appreciated and I stopped knitting for them. Then, last year they suddenly all wanted knitted socks and now they want hats and gloves, so it seems to come and go in waves... :)

  3. I love the playmat, so nice :) I need to think about hand making more of my presents for everybody in different occasions and less buying, the only thing it's having the time to make them on time .. but yes, it is worth it because besides the item you are giving the love you put into hand making things.

    Lluisa xoxo

  4. I love the playmat, it's beautiful. I had not planned to make anything for the girls this year, I couldn't think of anything but then an idea came to me in December (and my husband made it). I don't do well ahead of time, I need the holiday momentum to help me through. And I think keeping stress low is also a great gift too.