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Monday, November 17, 2014

GMO OMG: A Review and Other Musings on Genetic Modification


GMOs have been a hot topic in Oregon lately. Measure 92, which would have required genetically modified foods to be labeled in Oregon, just very very narrowly missed passing. I am pretty disappointed that it didn't pass and I am now feeling regret that I wasn't more involved with the campaign. I think it is ridiculous that there is no way to track these altered foods, especially since there have been no long term studies to test for safety. However, considering Monsanto and a few other agro-giants spent over 20 million dollars fighting against Measure 92, making it the costliest ballot measure in Oregon's history, and the margin was still obscenely narrow, I think we did OK. Monsanto can fight a few battles, but it can't keep forking out millions of dollars in many states every couple of years (or can it?). At least we know the word is spreading. I am convinced that we can get GMOs labeled in the not-so-distant future.
Anyways, GMO OMG is a new documentary from 2013. It is the story of a dad with three kids, and his quest to find out more about the food he is feeding his children. What are GMOs? Are they safe? Why are they such a big part of our agricultural system?
The film  does a good job of summarizing what GMOs are, what some of the problems with them may be, as well as talking about the political issues that surround them. At times the film can be a little extreme.... (spoiler alert)... like when he dons his children in hazard suits and masks to walk through a field of genetically modified corn. But, I think he does get his point across.
Despite already knowing a lot about GMOs, I found the film interesting, sweet and funny too. Plus, the sound track is killer. This is one to definitely put on your to-watch list.
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  1. That is really too bad. We are in the same boat as you up here, no labeling, and it makes me very sad.

  2. we just watched the documentary and found it fascinating. I think they should label our food-but not enough people are complaining to have something get done.

  3. It didn't pass up here either, after so much effort and money!! So frustrating! Hopefully it will pass in the future as more people continue to learn about it. I'll have to check out the film.