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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yarn Along

Joining with Ginny of Small Things for this week's yarn along.

The past couple of weeks I have been knitting up some tiny things: cowls, arm warmers, and a wee gnome hate. I was in a craft fair at Finn's school this past Monday and Tuesday (and, well, let's not talk about how it went, as I only sold 4 things... but, seeing as it was my first craft fair, I think I did learn a lot). Anyways, I figured the knits that didn't get sold (which is all of them!) could become easy holiday presents or more likely, a  donation for others in need this holiday season. Hmmm, or maybe I will even have a giveaway on here, so check back soon!

The cold weather we have been having here in Oregon has given me the knitting bug. I think doing a lot of small projects also helps, as I feel like I  am really whipping stuff out. I have a few more things I have to knit for the holidays, but I have already started daydreaming about a project or two for myself.....

Are you knitting up some goodies for the holidays? Please join me in Handmade Holidays 2013! Click on the badge below to read more.

Now, off to get ready for our Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow.

What have you been reading? What have you been knitting?

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  1. These colours are so playful, I love them!
    I knit all year for the holidays, and not necessarily anything particular for anyone, but x number of cowls, x numbers of hats, mitts etc. Seems to take the stress off come Christmas, I just look in my stash of finish projects and add a tag!

  2. Oh no, I'm doing my first ever craft fair next weekend - cards rather than knits - but now I'm nervous! What if I sell nothing? Aaaaaaagh!

    1. You will do great! There was very little traffic at this craft fair, which I think was at least part of the problem. I also did not have a good method of displaying everything. Next time, I will do better.

  3. They all look so lovely. Sorry about the craft fair, they can be so hit and miss.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. I hope you can sell more next time. My sister sells her sewing things and sometimes they are big winners and other times it's a bit disappointing. I am working on a cowl for my daughter.