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Monday, November 18, 2013

Healing Herbs

For the past many weeks (6 or 7) I have been plagued by what I initially thought was water trapped in my ears. It sounded like there was water sloshing around in them and they were plugged up, hurting, and making me feel dizzy at times. After weeks of trying over-the-counter tricks to dry them out, I realized (via the help of some friends) that my ears did NOT have trapped water, but were FULL of wax. Ewww.
As I don't have health insurance, paying several hundred dollars to get them flushed by a doctor was not in the budget. Around this same time, I was reading Wooly Moss Roots, a sweet sweet blog that I follow by a fellow Oregonian, also named Taryn. On one of her sidebars was a link to a garlic-mullein ear oil recipe that helps with ear aches and helps to break up wax. I didn't have any fried mullein flowers, and wasn't sure where to get any at this time of year, so I left her a comment and vowed to save some mullein flowers next summer.
The next day, I received an email from Taryn, asking if I would like her to send me some of the dried mullein flowers she had saved. Within a few days, I had received the flowers, made the ear oil (recipe can be found here), and have already seen improvement in my ears.
I am so grateful for her kind gesture and for this simple recipe that has helped so much! Pin It Now!


  1. This is so lovely and exactly what I love about the blog world. Glad your ears are feeling better.

  2. The blog world is full of love!

  3. I really like Taryn's blog too. So glad you were able to get some relief with the help of a blogging friend. Good and kind and generous people really are everywhere, and when we look, we find. Have a wonderful day!