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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yarn Along and Some Finished Goodness!

Joining in with Ginny of Small Things for this week's yarn along.
As some of you know, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, and part of that has been that I have surrounded myself with a multitude of unfinished projects. I have been on a mission to start finishing some of my unfinished-ness, and I have been doing a pretty good job. This week I finished up Phoebe's In-Threes sweater. I think it came out great, and even Phoebe, who normally is not a huge fan of my hand knits, has approved and has worn it willingly. I sort of wish I would have used nicer yarn, but with a small budget and a quick-growing kiddo, that probably would have been unnecessary. I also finished up a new monster for Finn. It was originally going to be his Valentine's Day gift, to match this cute one from last year, but it never got finished. And then I procrastinated forever until I finally finished it up Monday night. It's not nearly as cute as the first one, but at least it is done. And now, with no WIPs, I finally started something new (and hopefully it won't take me 4 months to finish this one!)- I am making this hat, for me. It's so darn cute, but I think most of that is the cute model who is wearing it in the pattern photo. Wondering how it will look on me!?! I guess we'll see....
In reading, I finally finished Crimes Against Nature, one of the 3 books that had just been decorating my nightstand. Now I can work on finishing up Flight Behavior, which I am loving, and maybe, one day, I will finish Moby Duck. Maybe. I have been plodding through it for 2 months, but for some reason am determined to finish it.
Regardless, it feels good to be finishing things, even if it's not all of them.
What are you reading? What are you knitting?

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  1. All very cute! Love the color you have chosen for your hat.

  2. Oh your daughter looks gorgeous in the sweater! Also love the entire outfit, could be a magazine photo shoot :)

  3. Oh she looks great in her cardigan :) And what a cute little monster. Love that hat, can't wait to see it on you.

  4. Such a precious sweater on your sweet, sweet girl! And the monster is just great! :)

  5. Love the in threes gorgeous colour. Your monster is great!

  6. What an adorable sweater and little girl you have!! Beautiful! The monster is great as well!

  7. Yay you did it! The monster looks really cute!
    There was a little girl at Solomon's school wearing a mama made in three's sweater this week, also green!
    Good job finishing you projects, it feels good doesn't it?
    I often have to make myself finish stuff but it feels good to check it off the list...and now there is room for new projects.