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Monday, November 5, 2012


Happily joining in with Amanda at Habit of Being for another weekending post.

This weekend was just the gals. Todd took Finn to Nashville for a very special family outing, and I stayed behind with little Phoebe. This weekend made me realize a couple of things. First off, Phoebe is so sweet and silly (which I of course already knew), but when she gets 100% of the attention, she is extra-specially fantastic. I'm not sure if it is because she was actually getting to nap and not get woken up, or because she wasn't having to compete with Finn for attention, but she was a complete joy. No meltdowns, less furniture climbing, lots of silliness. The second thing I realized is that I really miss my boys when they are not around. Yes, it is quieter. Yes, it is cleaner. But, honestly, it is also pretty boring. Don't get me wrong,  I have accomplished many things this weekend that I wouldn't have if Todd and Finn were here, but I was feeling a wee-bit lonely all weekend missing the noises and activities that are part of their routine. So, I feel very lucky to have had some alone time with my little one, but I am also anxiously awaiting the return of my guys.

This weekend was....

dropping off the boys at the airport

running some errands with only one kid in tow

bringing Phoebe to storytime at the library

doing A LOT of prep work for Finn's party next weekend

finding time to grade and prep for class next week

a morning visit to the Children's Museum where Phoebe could roam where ever she pleased.

doing some deep cleaning that really needed to get done, and choosing to not do some other deep cleaning that should have been done

making some lip balms for holiday gifts

Saturday night dinner at the local tacqueria with my date Phoebe. While we waited for our food, I had a margarita and she had a cup of ice

lots of walks

lots of children's books

lots of netflix

and a little bit of knitting.

How was your weekend?

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  1. love the books, and walking, and knitting that you had in your weekend, I could go for that :)

  2. it's so much fun (and so enlightening) to get one on one time with your kids! we both try to schedule alone time with each of them pretty regularly as a way to reconnect and check in and totally be charmed by them ;-)

    glad you managed to have such a productive weekend!

  3. Sounds like you and Phoebe had a lovely weekend.

  4. What a full and wonderful weekend! I know what you mean about missing your boys when they're away. I feel the same way about Silas. I spend all day wishing for five minutes by myself and then when I get it, I can't stop thinking about him. :) Little P is getting so big!