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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Phoebe at the Farm (and some cute turkeys too!)

This morning I had the chance to take my environmental science students to Zenger Farm, which is a non-profit educational farm just a few miles away from my house. At the last minute, childcare plans fell through and Phoebe ended up 'getting' to tag along. And... she had a blast. She thought the turkeys were basically the coolest thing in the world and when we sampled the raw veggies (chard, collard greens and green garlic shoots) she loved them all. So much so that at the store on the way home, she pointed to the collards ("mama, that one") and asked for them. And, asked to eat some in the car on the way home! Who would have known? She doesn't like them cooked, but maybe it is a texture thing for her. It made me realize that I should be trying out a lot more raw veggies with my kids and seeing what happens.
Anyways, it was a perfect day for a farm trip... sunny skies, crisp air, and a little bit of nature, Pin It Now!


  1. Fun! I am sure Phoebe was entertaining for your students!
    This summer/fall we went to a local farm on a weekly basis to pick up a CSA share. My kiddies almost always ate half the produce even before we got home especially the carrots, beans and asparagus with dirt and all!! It gave us the idea to serve the kids crudites as an appetizer while we are cooking the rest of their supper. It works out well because we know the kids are always getting their veg (and sometimes even a double portion!). We don't do it everyday but at least 3-4 days/week - it is neat to see how many different raw veggies they will try.