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Monday, November 19, 2012

Giving Thanks

November is a month of gratitude. A month of appreciating others in our lives and giving thanks for what we have. Each day for the past couple of weeks, Finn and I have been writing down what we are thankful for and hanging it from our seasonal tree. While I have been thankful for things like my family and friends, food to eat, and a warm home, Finn has been more appreciative of the things that make him happy in the moment, like puzzles and ice cream. And, I must say, those things are pretty good too.
We also made our yearly hand-print turkeys and Phoebe was ecstatic to be participating. I can't believe that Thanksgiving is only a few days away and that we are nearing the end of 2012!
Have you done any fun Thanksgiving crafts?

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  1. I'm just viewing your blog for the first time, and I love the idea of this tree to give thanks! My daughter is going on 8 months old...I can't wait to do fun things like this when she is older. Very cute turkeys too! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
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  2. What great ideas for teaching your children to be grateful! You are such a good mom, teaching your kids good things. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  3. The gratitude tree is adorable! What a cute idea. You always have such great projects. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!