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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Harvest Flags and Hand-Trees

I love fall. I love fall mornings. The stillness in the air, the crispness, the crunch of leaves as you walk. I normally fill my fall with outside adventures and autumn-inspired crafts. This year, things have been a bit hectic and we haven't had as much time as normal for crafting or exploring. But, we have managed to squeeze in a few fun things....

A couple of weeks ago we made some harvest flags to hang in our garden. The whole family was involved, using fabric markers and fabric scraps to decorate muslin squares with 'harvest-themed' ideas (although many of the ones that Finn drew would be more of a stretch to relate to harvesting and Todd's contribution was a drawing of a beer (ha) and the hops that would be harvested to make that beer). Anyways, we hung the flags proudly in our garden to celebrate this most wonderful time of year.

The kids and I also made some fall-colored hand-trees. We simply traces our arms and hands as the tree trunk and then added pieces of tissue paper in fall colors for the leaves. Finn has so much fun that he made a second!

Have you done any fun fall crafts lately? I am looking for some simple things to do with the kids to celebrate the seasons!! Pin It Now!


  1. Oh I love your harvest flags. Great idea!

  2. Love them both, I think we will be making some trees this week. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Such fun fall crafts! I would love to do these with my grandkids! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your fall!