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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Star Wars Halloween

This year Halloween was quite the event at our house. Finn, being almost 5, knows exactly what Halloween is all about and the anticipation was almost too much. He was extremely revved up and running around.... and that was before he had any candy.
Months ago, Finn decided what the entire family would be for Halloween, and, like everything else in our house these days, the theme was Star Wars. Phoebe was R2D2 and I saw a very cute R2D2 costume on pinterest and borrowed the idea for Phoebe.I just cut out freezer paper stencils and did layers of fabric paint on a hat and onesie. It was a big hit and she kept running around saying "D2D2" even though she has no clue who he is. Finn was Yoda. I found the cutest pattern for a felted yoda hat on ravelry. I had to size it up quite a bit, which was a little scary, but in the end it worked out. I had to use a whole lot of glue to make those ears stand out though!! I whipped up a quick robe for Finn using brown muslin, and with a lightsaber, he looked pretty cool.
I was Princess Leia. I did make myself an easy muslin robe, but I think the buns say it all. Todd's costume was not-so-handmade. I knew I was in a time-crunch, so he wore a karate suit. With a brown belt and a lightsaber, he could pass for Luke Skywalker (especially hanging with the rest of us!).
The night was a success! Phoebe thought going door to door and getting things out of a bowl was pretty much the coolest thing ever, and Finn has enough candy to last at least a year.
Hope you all had a great Halloween! I am excited to blog-hop and see everyone's photos!

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