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Friday, March 12, 2010

Nature-Inspired Art

Need a new art idea for your toddler? My son and I do what I call "paint-with-nature" projects where we use nature to inspire our art.
The first thing we do is take a walk.. around our neighborhood, on a favorite trail, or on the way home from the library. Along our walk, we collect things from nature (rocks, sticks, pine cones, leaves) that look interesting, have a unique shape, or just feel right. Please make sure to only collect items that have fallen onto the street or sidewalk and do not pick flowers or plants from people yards! We than bring these items home and they form our paintbrushes for the day.
I then set up a paint area as usual, with a drop cloth, large piece of blank paper, and rinsed applesauce or other clean plastic containers to hold the paint. Make sure to use washable paint, unless you love you child's artwork so much that you want it memorialized on your walls and floors forever..
Now use the items you found as brushes to create interesting shapes and textures on the paper. It is an experience in combining nature and art, as well as a delight for the tactile side of your child! Pin It Now!

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