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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eat Your Green!

Need an idea for something green to serve tomorrow for St. Patrick's Day? This is a recipe that has just started going in the lunch rotation at my house. Super easy, healthy and yummy. And bright green!
All you need for this recipe is 12 oz. of your favorite dried pasta, 12 oz. of fresh spinach, parmesean cheese (a couple oz-- to your liking) and some olive oil.
Cook the pasta following the instructions on the bag. For the sauce, use a food processor or blender (but a food processor works much much better) to blend up all of the spinach and the cheese with a few tablespoons of olive oil. If things seem to be "stuck", add more oil. If you are a big cheese fan, go ahead and don't be afraid to add more!
Once the sauce is completely blended and looks like a bright green puree, add it to your cooked pasta and mix together. The sauce will get warmed from the warm pasta, but the sauce is never cooked, so it is extra healthy and nutrient-packed. Top with a little more parm if you like!
Spinach WILL stain, so use a bib for the messy eaters in your house. We call this dish "dinosaur pasta" at my house (b/c dinosaurs are green of course! and because it convinced my little guy to try it...), but for this week, it will be renamed "Irish dinosaur pasta" in honor of all the Irish dinos! Pin It Now!

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