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Monday, November 23, 2015

Our Weekend (and the Case of the Epic Fail)

This weekend was one that my kids labeled as an "epic fail". I think that overall the weekend turned out okay, but we did have some serious moments of failure....

Miss Phoebe has a bit of a cough, and whenever she gets any sort of respiratory infection, it causes her asthma to get bad. Friday night, around 12:30 a.m., just as I was starting to fall asleep, Phoebe (who was in my bed with me) woke up and started coughing and wheezing. She told me she couldn't breathe, so I got her rescue inhaler. She continued to scream that she couldn't breathe, and that she was dying and needed to go to the emergency room. My rational brain was saying that if she is talking fine, she can breathe. But my 1-o'clock-in-the-morning brain could only hear the part about not breathing and dying, and went into panic mode. This mama bear was scared.

So, Phoebe and I headed to the emergency room. She was shaking the whole way there and I kept talking to her, making sure that she could still breathe. As we walked into the ER, she seemed fairly calm, and was definitely breathing okay, but was still a bit wheezy. I hesitated, thinking that maybe we should go home, but I decided that since we were there, we might as well stay and just be sure.

And yes, she was fine. The doctor thinks she probably got some phlegm caught in her throat, from her asthma, and was having trouble breathing... which created a lot of anxiety in Phoebe, that was probably furthered by my reaction to her. I guess better safe than sorry, but I only got a couple of hours of sleep Friday night, and I am sure we will be getting a fairly hefty ER bill in the mail soon.... oh well.

Saturday was gorgeous. Very cold, but lovely sunny skies. Some of my favorite weather. We had a slow start to the morning (we were all a bit groggy from the ER adventure), but I decided that we would go on a hike in the gorge, about 40 minutes away. We packed the car up, made the drive..... and then drove around the parking lot for about 30 minutes trying to park the car.... and we were unsuccessful. I guess it is a popular place on a sunny Saturday in fall. We eventually just gave up, and found a different place where we could park by the river and watch salmon spawning for a little bit. So, the hike idea was abandoned, and yes, the trip was an "epic fail".

On the way home from the hike, I started to get a really itchy neck, on the underside of my chin. By the time I got home I had a bunch of hives, and they were driving me mad. After a few hours of hoping they would go away, I indulged myself in a benadryl. They went away, but I can't for the life of me figure out what caused them.....

Sunday turned out a bit better. The kids and I had breakfast with their dad, and he hung out with them for a bit afterwards so that I could go for a run. I needed that! Afterwards, the kids and I did some cleaning and purging, some reading, and mostly decided to not try anything too adventurous so that our day wouldn't be another "epic fail".

So, here's hoping that the upcoming week is a success!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

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  1. Hope Phoebe is feeling better! What a night, I can only imagine the stress. We have a couple of these same situations every year, so scarry, but someone finally gave me a good tip that we've been using - we turn the hot water on in the bath, close the washroom door and stay in the washroom for a while, breathing in the steam. It helps, for sure and quite quickly! Just helps clear the passages! Give it a try if it happens again.
    Wishing you a good week!

  2. Oh goodness, sorry about Friday night, not fun. I can't even imagine how you both must have felt.

    An "epic fail" I don't think so, just a few bumps in the road :) Hope you are have a great start to your week. xo

  3. All moms have their "epic fails." So glad to hear I'm not the only one ;-) I am glad that Phoebe is feeling better. That was a scary experience for you both. Hope this week goes well and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  4. Asthma is a scary business (I have it too) poor mama and little. I think the weekend turned out just fine! Not everything goes smoothly but it ended well. I have so many "epic fails" that if I counted them all I'm sure I'd look like a hot mess! Hope you have a wonderful holiday week....and it be full of small sweet moments (and very few fails) :)

  5. your hives were caused by lack of sleep and not finding a parking space :) I think next time P goes for a check up you need to tell the doc and see if there is an arsenal. My daughter had and has asthma that is triggered big time from a cold. What a pain.