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Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Halloween Weekend


This weekend was so fun and so full. I made the drive to Seattle for a friend's Halloween party on Friday night (and made the drive home on Saturday morning). Saturday evening we had a small pre-trick-or-treat dinner party at my house for the kids and a few friends, which was followed by the rainiest trick-or-treating ever. It was like a monsoon out there, which certainly didn't stop the kids. I however, had to put my costume in the dryer after we got home, as I was soaked to the bones! After trick-or-treating, I headed to an adults-only party (dressed as Princess Leia). 
And yes, my kids both wanted to be zombies this year. Probably not the most popular costume for a 4 year old girl. but that's my Phoebe for you. The scarier, the better.
I think I am still recovering from a lack of sleep this weekend, but it was well worth it. I made lots of new friends, got to see some old friends, and put my to-do list on the back-burner for a few days.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I am not surprised that they wanted to be zombies and they are scary and adorable at the same time :)