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Monday, April 15, 2013

Coconut Oil: A New Best Friend for Those Who Get Fever Blisters

Do you get fever blisters? I have been cursed with them since I was young, but in the last decade of my life they seem to pop up whenever I am really stressed or travel to a dry climate. If you have ever had one, you know that they are not fun. They hurt and are painfully hideous to look at. I honestly hate leaving my house when one pops up because I feel like everyone is just staring at my lip.
In the past, when I would get a fever blister, I would get abreva, a common over the counter treatment. It maybe helped it go away quicker, but it would still last for days. Plus, I was sloshing chemicals onto my lip. Yuck.
Then, when I was pregnant with Phoebe, I got one and couldn't use the abreva. So, I had to research natural ways to treat fever blisters. And there are lots of ideas out there!
I have tried them all, or at least a lot of them, and the one that really seems to work for me is coconut oil. The lysine in the coconuts helps to naturally combat the virus that causes the breakout. Over the past year, I have applied coconut oil to my lips religiously whenever I start to feel a painful or tingling area, or if my lips ever get super dry... and, I haven't had a fever blister in about that long. Maybe I am lucky, but life has been pretty stressful lately, so I think the coconut oil is actually working to prevent outbreaks from happening. (Now that I write this I will probably wake up in the morning with a huge fever blister.....).
I actually bring a tin of coconut oil with me whenever we travel, which can actually be pretty messy as coconut oil liquifies at room temps. So, for example, coconut oil in my house is is currently solid, but when I brought some to Mexico, it was super runny and made a big mess. But, I did not return home with a fever blister as a souvenir, so the mess was totally worth it.
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  1. Cool, I had no idea. I don't get them, but if I ever do, now I know how to treat them, thanks!

  2. Awesome to know! I haven't gotten one in years but I'll know how to combat it if I do :)

  3. Thank you so much. Yes, I do get them and I hate them and Abreva is so expensive and doesn't even work that well. I will try this, but please tell me where you get it! My teenage son also has this problem, so I will try it for him too. Please email me where I can get some, if you wouldn't mind, cdjdhj at yahoo dot com. Thank so much!!

  4. wow. I do get them from time to time, and I don't put up with them. I admit that I will take a prescription drug when I feel one coming on. Myabe I'll try the coconut oil next time if I catch it at the very beginning.


  5. Coconut oil quickly became our cure all in this house. I think I discovered it while pregnant with Arrow. Probably b/c I'm always desperately looking for something to help poor Felicity's horridly dry skin. She actually prefers it to my home made salve so I'm thinking of infusing coconut oil with calendula for her. I'll still make my salve though. :) Anyways, when I was pregnant, I got this weird thing where I itched like crazy in the last weeks. NOTHING helped it and though my midwives told me I could take benedryl, I didn't want to. So I slathered myself in coconut oil from head to toe...literally. It relieved the itch instantly and was the only way I got sleep. Also, Arrow has super dry skin like his sister and gets diaper rashes at the drop of a hat. I use coconut oil on his bum as a preventative. If I put a bit on at each change, it keeps the rashes at bay most of the time. Without it, he'd be a mess. Plus, its cloth safe. :)

    1. Wow! I guess it does work miracles! Thanks for sharing all of your many uses!!!

  6. I use Tree Oil and it knocks them right out, however, I am now taking Coconut Oil by the tablespoon daily. I will start spreading it on my lips as well!

  7. I have one right now im going to try it

  8. I use coconut oil for everything any way now I know I can use it for these annoying things!! I have one now thats how I ended up on ur site, I put some on and I can actually feel a little tingle and the little cluster is smaller already with in a hour of use. I actually have the same jar in ur picture! I LOVE IT!! I already sing the praise to anyone that will listen about how great coconut oil is. thanks for more ammo for my coconut oil campaign

  9. My friend's son gets them all the time - has one right now - going to call her and tell her this!!

  10. I get them frequently due to a B-12 deficiency :( I have been trying to figure out how to rid myself of them. I will definitely try this as I have a jar of coconut oil on my coffee table. It also helps with hair growth :)

  11. I have one at the moment and started treating it with coconut oil and aloe vera gel because, that's all I had at home.
    And so far this is my experience.
    Tuesday - The tingling stage. Since I was suffering from a bad sun burn, I took coconut oil to work to apply to my burnt skin. When I felt a tingling sensation, I applied it immediately.
    Wednesday - The blistering phase. I walked around all day with a big blister on my lip and during my lunch hour went to buy some Aloe vera gel. I applied the aloe gel to the blister that evening with a clean ear bud.
    This morning - I woke up with scabs on my fever blister. I applied Aloe vera twice this morning when I felt it feel a bit dry. And apply coconut oil onto throughout the day as I feel it get too dry.

    So lets see how this goes. I am getting married on 3 December, so lets hope its gone by then.

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