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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Weekend in Reflection....

We spent most of the last weekend at the Northwest String Summit Music Festival. It is held at this wonderful little venue, Horning's Hideout, that is tucked into the woods about 40 minutes from Portland. It has been a yearly tradition for me and my husband to go, and something we look forward to each year. This was Finn's 3rd String Summit and Phoebe's first.
This year, the festival was once again amazing, however, our family's adventure was a bit of a disaster. The trip started out with our rocket box blowing open on the highway and Todd darting into traffic to chase down our sleeping gear. Not a good sign. And then things just got worse....Finn, who in the past has had a marvelous time, was very crabby and emotional, and Todd and I were not able to stay inside the show for much of the music. To top it off, he refused to go to the bathroom in a port-a-potty, which meant that by Sunday morning, instead of staying for another day of music, we were packing up and heading home to find a real toilet and deal with a constipated child.
Anyways, I still felt privileged to spend 2 nights in such a magical place, even with a crabby non-pooping child, however, I was sad and quite disappointed that our weekend didn't go as planned. We are now soliciting advice on festival camping with a child who refuses to go #2, as we are supposed to head to another music festival in a week and a half.
 Finn proudly showing his peacock to a real peacock.

 Super Finn!

 Who put the N in Finn?

 Need I say more?

 Peacock bench

Phoebe enjoying the tunes...
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  1. Sounds like Phoebe was good! Was this her first time camping? We've alway rented a hotel when we have taken the monkeys to music festivals- I know that that is not a solution and probably means we go less but having a hotel (with a pool) has always saved us.

  2. That "Don't Piss Off the Fairies" stone is great. I'm sorry your trip was a bit rough this year. So far, our kids have done well on camping trips and vacations. They get a lot less sleep, but haven't yet had major travel-related meltdowns. But I'm sure it'll happen one of these days. Sorry I don't have much in the way of advice. Hope the next trip goes more smoothly!