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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pillowcase Dresses and Some Other Recent Creations

Despite the fact that I have not been posting any pictures of my crafts up here lately, I have still been busy crafting away! I am currently on a big pillowcase-dress making kick. I have actually only made 3, but I have a few more in the works. I have not been using a pattern for these, but found some good instructions online here. Normally, when I sew, I don't pin or iron (because I am lazy), but since I was following new instructions when I made my first pillowcase dress, I did exactly as I was told. I am a super pleased with the results and even decided to pin and iron the pair of shorts I made for Finn last weekend. I decided that it was completely worth the added time and energy. Goodbye laziness, hello better sewing! This was also the first time that I used bias tape, which had always sort of mystified me. But once I got it figured out, I realized that I enjoyed using it. Anyways, these dresses are really fun to make, but I need to hold off on making any more for Phoebe. A 4-month old only needs so many dresses... I am actually on the lookout for a new dress pattern (maybe an A-line jumper type thing) so I  can find something new to make!
I also finished Phoebe's booties and they are so cute. The pattern, Saartje's booties can be downloaded for free here. I am in love with these booties. However, when I put them on P's darling little feet, I realized that they were already too small......sniff sniff. I have squeezed them on her a few times, but already have plans for a bigger pair in the works. They are too cute for her not to have a pair that fit.

I had also been  feeling like a I needed to make a little something for myself, so a couple of weeks ago I made up a quick bunting for our bedroom. I made it with intentions to hang over our bed, but my hubby sort of (well, clearly) stated his opposition. So I hung it over the window next to our bed, which also happens to be my creative space. Hubby was happy and so was I.
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  1. love everything! I'm going to start sewing things out of my old clothes for the kids. Not sure if I have any interesting fabrics though.

  2. Those little pillow case dresses are adorable! I love the bunting also. The baby booties came out wonderfully too! They have been in my favorites on Ravelry for the longest time. I'm a beginner knitter and worry I wont be able to handle them but they are just SO cute I can't help but want to make them!

  3. such cute creations- I've always wanted to make a banner- I think I will-

  4. yes, you have been busy crafting indeed! everything is beautiful, the fabrics you chose, and these adorable booties too!

  5. Great projects! I love the pillowcase dresses and the booties are adorable! So sad that they are too small. :(

  6. Cute stuff Taryn! I love the booties and the colors you used. I can't believe they don't fit her little feet are so tiny! Ah man, I can't wait until I feel well enough to craft again!