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Friday, May 29, 2015

Our May Garden

Our yard is so full of color and life right now. I love it. We have had a warm and dry spring, so the garden seems to be a bit ahead of schedule. We are eating strawberries and snap peas on a daily basis. We have a whole bunch of different varieties of squash just starting to leaf out, tomatoes that are just beginning to get flowers, blueberries that are still a ways from blue, and blackberries that have flowered too. We have peppers and potatoes, some chard and kale. And of course, a whole assortment of flowers and herbs!
I still have a lot of planting that I am hoping to fit in, but the longer I wait the less room there is because everything else keeps growing! Next week I will do another round of salad greens and beets. Yum.
Our youngest of our two ducks decided to build herself a very lovely next this year. She has worked very hard on it. We don't have any males, so her eggs are not fertile... which is OK, because she has decided to sit on a rock instead. She does lay her eggs in her nest, but we take them each morning and then she lovingly sits on and protects her rock for most of the day. It's like she is practicing to get broody. Hehe. Good, cheap entertainment.
How does your garden grow?

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  1. Goodness look at those strawberries, yum! Hehe on the duck :)

    Have the most wonderful weekend!

  2. You have such a lovely garden. I look forward to living in a little cooler climate one day so I can get back into gardening. Too hot here. Thanks for sharing.

  3. lucky you! my garden stinks.

  4. Those are some perfect looking strawberries! Ours are still tiny and green, but it is just starting to warm up here, so I'm looking forward for them to ripen up and be ready to eat!

  5. ...not as well as yours haha. So far we just have some rosemary and mint and a few annuals around for a little color. Beautiful strawberries

  6. everything is ultra green over there! so beautiful. Now that snail....not as pretty but I guess he has a reason for being :)