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Thursday, May 28, 2015

DIY: Family Cloths

Several months ago, I made a whole stack of family cloths. Essentially each cloth is just a piece of soft flannel folded in half, sewed together, with the edges trimmed using pinking shears so they don't get too frayed. They were super quick and easy to make, and I used leftover fabric so I didn't spend a dime.
I initially made these because as Phoebe was learning how to wipe herself, she was having a really hard time judging how much t.p. to use. This has completely solved that problem as she knows that she can just grab a wipe-- and that should be exactly what she needs to dry off.
The logistics of my system are that we keep the wipes on the back of the toilet, within easy reach for a 4 year old. Right next to the toilet is a bucket to deposit used wipes. Wipes are for wiping pee only (no poop!), and can also be used for blowing your nose, or can be moistened and use to wipe off body parts. Since it is only pee, there is no smell at all, and I wash these when I wash our towels so there is no extra laundry.
So far this system has worked magic in our house. No more wasted toilet paper, no more wet hands and bums from not using enough toilet paper, and less resource use overall.Two thumbs up from me! Pin It Now!


  1. I am glad this is working for you! When I suggested this in our house, it was vetoed as being too 'weird'. Hubby was concerned about what visitors would think and that it was gross. I think it is the best idea ever! Have you had any comments from others?

    1. Thanks Jayne. I was a little concerned that visitors might get grossed out, but no one has. I was most concerned about what our babysitters would think, but they were OK with it too!

  2. So cool to see someone using this system. I have thought about it, but haven't put it into action. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think it is a great idea. If it works, its works.

  4. That is such a brilliant idea! I'm wondering if it would work with poop? We used cloth nappies for the boys before I went back to work, and I just stuck them on a rinse cycle before I put them on a normal wash, but I guess it would mean an extra load as you probably wouldn't want to wash them with the towels! ;)

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