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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Yarn Along

Joining with Ginny at Small Thing's for this week's Yarn Along.

I have been trying to knit as much as possible lately, squeezing in a few rows here and there. Mostly I am knitting presents for the holidays, which I can't share here quite yet. I am hoping to finish up those gifts soon as I have a couple different projects I am working on for Miss Phoebe. I was hoping to have them done in time for the holidays, but now I am thinking her birthday (March 1st) seems more reasonable....

I am currently reading This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein. It is the newest literature on Climate Change and I am considering it for my student's literature review next term. I am only about 60 pages in, but it is dense, and doesn't read quick. I read Shock Doctrine, her most famous work last year, and so far this new book is in a similar style. She has so much important information to share, but at times it also feel like a burden because it encompasses so much. However, she is amazingly smart and shares my sense of humor.

What are you reading? What are you knitting?
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  1. beautiful photo :) love the secret knitting you have!

  2. Love the photo, perfect for the season. Enjoy your secret knitting :)

  3. Ah, the secrecy of holiday knitting! It gives so much joy to knit beautiful things for friends and family. Happy secret knitting. :)

  4. Hey Taryn, that is such a lovely photo that just makes me want to curl up infront of the fire and knit a few rows... Happy knitting and reading!

  5. I love seeing the Christmas tree in the background. Right now I am not knitting, but thinking of making something soon. :)

  6. Enjoy this fun time of year! Secret Christmas projects are the best! You always inspire me with your reading. You certainly read to learn!