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Saturday, June 7, 2014

My 2014 Summer Reading List

Summer is right around the corner, which for me means a break from teaching, lots more time with the kids, relaxed schedules, road trips, and, of course, a summer reading list! Each year, I (wrongly) think I will have hours on end, free from responsibility, to laze around reading books of my choosing. And every year I put together a monster reading list and never make it through.
This year I decided to be more realistic, and to limit my list to 7 books. I know I will read more, as I always end up spontaneously starting books (it is actually sort of a problem of mine.... as I write this I am reading 5 books at once, because I just keep starting new ones!). But, this year I am actually hoping to make it through the 7 on my list (and any others will be an added bonus).
So, without further ado, here are my 2014 choices:

Do you make a summer reading list? If so, what have you selected for this summer?

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  1. I see a couple of books on your list that I want to read...Wild and Undaunted Courage. I have read some of Edward Abbey's books. My oldest son is/was HUGE Edward Abbey fan. I have mixed feelings about Edward Abbey and his writings, so I will look forward to your thoughts. I like Deseret Solitaire, but the Monkey Wrench Gang not so much. Right now, I am stuck in the middle of a romance that I don't particularly like, but I want to get through it and move along into something more interesting. Thanks for sharing your list. Have a great weekend.

  2. Great list! Wild is definitely on my list, might have to check out some of the others. Thanks!

  3. Looks like a really interesting list. I don't put together reading lists anymore...after 5 years of grad school in literature,where my reading lists were hundreds and thousands of pages a week, I like to read now without any particular goals. I've been listening through the audiobook versions of Jane Austen's novels and really enjoying them. I am also slowly reading Manhattan Transfer. Not sure what else is up next. I may have to remember some of these.

  4. I hope you give us a thumbs up or down (and why) so I know whether I want to read them. I have read one but I'm not telling which one yet.

  5. Wild is fantastic. Running with scissors is also a great read and highly dysfunctional, I think I read that last summer.
    I have a giant pile of books that I gathered from thrift stores. As a Mama home(mostly) alone with 3 kids this summer lounging and reading are not in my near future. I get a few pages in around midnight before my eyes cross. Lately the new season of Orange is The New Black has taken over my nightly reading time.