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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A First LOST Tooth

At 6.5 years old, Finn was starting to feel like the last of his friends to lose a tooth. But, after many weeks of wiggling, on Sunday, he lost his first one. And, when I say lost, I literally mean lost. I was the one who pointed out to him that it was no longer in his mouth. We searched around for it, to no avail. He insists that there is no possible way that he swallowed it (I think because the idea of that grosses him out), but alas, I see no other alternative. I did, however, pretend to agree with him and have been keeping my eyes out for this lost tooth ever since.
Anyways, I feel like it is a big step. Finn is growing up. Getting teeth that he will have for the rest of his life. Teeth that he will have when he is my age! And when he is MY age, I will be 66. Holy smokes. I maynot have many teeth at that point. Hehe.
Back when his tooth started to wiggle I sewed him a simple felt bag that he could hang from his door so that the tooth fairy didn't have to sneak under his pillow. I guess she didn't have to do any sneaking this time, as there was no tooth to exchange, but she was a nice fairy and paid a visit anyways. And Finn liked the tooth bag. Or at least he didn't not like it, which is usually the sort of agreement I get these days...

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