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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Birthday Gifts

The post is quite belated. The presents were given on time, but finding the time to post about it has been another story...
For Miss P's 3rd birthday, I decided to make her two gifts. A robe, which she needed, and a carrier for one of her dolls.
The robe I figured I could just wing it.. no pattern (if this sounds crazy, this is how I have sewn for most of my life). But, I also decided that I wanted her robe to have a hood. Have I ever sewn a hood before? Nope. But, really, how hard could it be? Well.... the robe turned out really well actually. Except for the hood part. I made it too wide and too short, and to make a long story short, I had to cut it down and now the robe has this weird sort of elvis-collar thing going on. But, aside from that, I think the robe came out pretty good. And, I have now put learning how to sew a hood onto my sewing to-do list.
To make the doll carrier I used this tutorial. It was actually super easy, way easier than I thought. I will warn you though, that this is not a tutorial for beginners. She doesn't list every step or explain how to do each thing, and if I hadn't had previous sewing experience I would have thrown up the white flag. But, in the end, I was happy with how it turned out. And I think Phoebe is too...

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  1. I could not wing it if I tried, so I'm extremely impressed with your sewing skills!!! Cute photo at the beginning :)

  2. She looks so sassy in that first pic :) Such lovely gifts.