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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Then This Happened....

On Tuesday I tore my meniscus. Doing nothing. Literally.

I was sitting in a chair at work, moved, herd a huge pop and felt a searing pain. Then it happened 3 more times throughout the day (whenever I bent my knees). So, Wednesday I walked into the doctor, and came out with a knee brace and crutches. With luck, it will heal on its own in a couple of weeks. But, I will say it has put a damper on things.

Chasing an almost-3-year old while on crutches could be an Olympic sport.

Plus preparing for my mom's arrival tomorrow and a very special gal's birthday on Saturday, and let's just say my work has been cut out for me.

And, I have so much to blog about lately, but as the littlest things are taking much longer than usual, I don't think I have the time right now. But, soon enough.

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  1. Ouch! I have knee issues myself and have had a similar thing happen. Hope you heal quickly and have a great weekend despite being "down on your knee." ;-)

  2. oh no!!!!! if it makes you feel better I herniated a disc in my spine by doing nothing (as in not in shape and backs need exercise). Feel better soon :)

  3. Oh no! Hope it heals quickly. A little piece of advice...if someone asks if you need help, say yes :)

  4. Oh no! Sending warm hungs! Hope it gets better quick!