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Monday, February 3, 2014

Right Now....

* The kids and I are battling a cold, which has left us all a little bit tired and cranky.

* I am amazed thinking about how much my kids have grown up just in the past few months. Yesterday, the husband and I realized that Phoebe could actually run now. You know, run like a kid, and not like a toddler. When dd that happen? I must have blinked. And Finn- he has changed so much as well. Finn is reading books now like a champ. He reads books to Phoebe, and it is just so sweet. And speaking of sweet-  yesterday, Phoebe was crying about leaving some rocks behind on the hike that we took. She was really upset. Inconsolable. And then Finn turns to her and says, "Phoebe, the rocks aren't really important. What is really important is your family". That's right my little man. Right then, I felt like I had done my job as a mama.

* I am feeling a pull between the millions of things I could (or should) be doing, and the urge to just relax and be and soak it all in. Hopefully, if things go well, my day will be a mix of both.

* I am noticing signs of spring everywhere: a yard full of crocuses on my walk to pick Finn up from school, teeny tiny buds bursting forth from branches, the sounds of birds chattering away. I know it is only early February, but I like to be reminded that pretty soon my yard will be encapsulated with new growth and colorful blooms.

What are you doing right now?
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  1. It is incredible how we are with our little people every day, but fail to see their changes sometimes until they are already far into them. I remember the same amazement when I noticed Clayton running for the first time.

    BTW - I have a new blog up at in case you are interested in coming by. I just got my first post up there today. Looking forward to blogging again!

  2. It all happens so fast doesn't it. Soak it up. Hope you and your kiddos are feeling better soon.