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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Full Plate

I haven't found much time to blog recently. There has just been way too much going on. The holiday preparations and parties have been so much fun, but have thrown us off of our schedules a bit, and I think know that we have all eaten too many sweets! The excitement of Santa, and an upcoming vacation, have all of us buzzing with anticipation (and the adults busy with preparations!). So much fun!!
Phoebe is in the midst of some terrible twos. The best way to describe her these days is Dramatic (yes, with a capital D). And Finn has been having a really hard time with school lately. His anxiety is worse than ever, which makes getting to school quite a challenge, and creates lots of emotional outbursts during his time at home. I have been feeling very helpless, trying to pinpoint his anxiety triggers and trying to find a way to help his stress subside.
So, life has been hectic and emotional. I haven't had a chance to even come up with a good topic to blog about much less write it, and sadly, I have only taken a handful of pictures so far this month. And I think everyone in my family is in dire need of this break from work, school, and our normal routine.... (aren't we all?). Anyways, I am so grateful and excited for my family to have some time to spend together, away from the stresses of school and work. I think this is exactly what we all need.
So, I will hopefully be back in this space soon, with a fresh mind, and with some wonderful pictures (and words!)to share with you all.
Hoping your spirits are high and your holiday preparations are going well!

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  1. Hugs to you, and your kiddos. Enjoy your time together.

  2. I feel for you. Juggling day-to-day life can be so challenging and so very stressful at times. Enjoy your time off together!!

  3. I hear you.
    I've waited outside my son's preschool class recently, while kids were practicing their 'christmas show' for the parents... they did the half hour of standing still in one spot practicing with the coffee-induced teacher, then doors opening - parent greetings - and more waiting time in one spot; then the 20 min show. They are 4. My son was ready to steam out of that class the moment we could, he was exhausted, cranky and couldn't be happier to just go home. We looked at each other with my husband and both said, this is insane!
    It can be extremely overwhelming for the kiddos these days, expectations are high for those little ones - the more I see my son overwhealmed, the more I think "too much and too soon"
    I'm thinking of you, friend, hang in there! :)

  4. Taryn, I totally get where you are at. I haven't had a lot of time for blogging either. Decided to take some time and catch up a bit today. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!