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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Garden Linky Party

Howdy folks! It's time again for a garden link-up! Last month, I hosted the July Garden Linky Party so we could all show off our lovely July gardens. Now that it is (already!) mid-August, I think it's time for an update! I would love to see what is growing at your house.. to link up, just add your name to the list below!
Ready for a tour? Here is some of what you can find in our garden in August....


Pole beans growing up and around everything:

Strawberries for little hands

A variety of tomatoes, almost ready to be picked...

A whole lot of squash....
The world's cutest butternut squash

Some monster spaghetti squash

And lots of zucchini... Lots.

Grapes in the making:


Freshly-dug potatoes:

Herbs galore,

And a whole lots of bees!

What's growing in your garden?

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  1. August gardens are always so full. Yours looks lovely. Enjoy the bounty.

  2. My garden is pathetic. :( I don't know what happend. It makes me so sad. Yours looks amazing!!! Seriously, part of me wants to stop wasting the water in watering my pathetic patch.

    1. Jenny- sorry to hear about your unhappy garden. I think 100+ degree weather is probably what happened to your garden. I have had several bum gardening years, and it always makes me so sad. Just think that pretty soon your will have a new babe in your arms and then who cares about the garden!!