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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Day at the Coast

Monday, for my birthday, the kids and I drove to the coast for the day. I had some thinking to do and I felt like I needed to be at the ocean..... I needed that cleanse of the waves and the sand. Despite the weather predictions of a high of 62, mostly cloudy and a chance of rain, the day was PERFECT! Blue skies and 70 degrees. Even the water was pleasant, which is rare for the Oregon coast.
The kids had a blast, and Phoebe, my wild child, kept continuously bolting straight for the ocean. Finn has always been the opposite.... and I never realized how much chasing a mama could do until Phoebe started to move. I didn't get a whole lot of relaxing done, as I was chasing her basically non-stop, but it was a gorgeous day and everyone left tired and happy.
Here are a few pictures I managed to snap while I wasn't in chase-mode!

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  1. Love the photos! You made me laugh describing chasing Phoebe. Damon is the exact same way!! Dmitri is so cautious...sigh. At least it's never boring!

  2. now i wonder who you would be chasing??? Lovely photos, I wish I was at the shore.

  3. Finn looks so grown-up... And Phoebe is adorable. You make me so jealous! I want to live near a beach! We're heading to the lake next week for some downtime, but it's not quite the same as the ocean.