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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Big Summer Plans

Each summer, I comprise a list of goals and projects that I want to complete. The nature of being a teacher is that summers (especially THIS summer because I am not teaching ANY classes!) are the best time for me to get stuff done around the house because I am not constantly planning a lecture or grading papers. Plus, the sun motivates me, and summers in Portland are really the only time that we can expect sun.  I have found that I like sharing my list here, because it gives me some sort of sense of commitment to actually try and tackle these things. So, for you fellow list makers and list sharers, this is what I am trying to do this summer:
  • Learn to make injera (Ethiopian flatbread)
  • Paint the interior of my house. It needs it really badly!
  • Put trim around the floorboards. We were planning on doing it 5 summers ago when we moved in. ...I think it is a bit overdue.
  • Learn to play chess. I knew how when I was a child, but have completely forgotten. 
  • Pickle something. I still have yet to try this!
  • Learn to make buttonholes with my sewing machine. My machine does it, I have just been too scared to try!
  • Finish Phoebe's baby book
  • Teach Finn to swim
  • Re-paint the kids dresser
  • Build a stone patio in our front yard
  • Sew something for me!
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  1. Oh, I love this and am jealous of your free summer time. Try refrigerator pickles - they are a nice intro to pickling. Have FUN!

  2. Awesome list!! Yes, I have a to-do every summer and get most things done...this summer I want to recover from surgery and finish a distance learning class. I will do the rest as I feel like I can. Parts of the interior of our home need painting too...don't know if it will get done this summer...the weeks are passing too quickly! Good luck getting everything finished!! You are an inspiration to me!

  3. yikes! Buttonholes! They are scary :-)

  4. I know a woman who makes amazing injera and could teach us, if you want. Looking forward to Oregon summer when we get home! Add camping with me and the kids to that list. :)

  5. I think unfinished trim is the norm! We have several rooms without trim ...still! I'm reading your post late, but I was just thinking yesterday and this morning how I really should make a list of to-do's for the summer otherwise I can us fritter away our summer.

    P.S. - Injera would be fun - it tastes so yummy.

  6. You always have such great summer goals. I hope you can tick them all off your list!

  7. Love your list! I look forward to reading as you pursue them! = )

  8. Great list! I'd love to learn along side you with the chess and sewing projects! I tried playing chess on FB, but no one would continue...maybe because I'm too terrible! :)