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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekend Wandering....

Gardenmama has been doing a Wandering Wednesday photo challenge that inspired me to write today's post: weekend wandering! Last weekend, my family spent a night camping on the Washington coast with a couple of friends. The campground was so-so, but the coast that was just across the street was amazing! We sat, we wandered, we found sand dollars, and we enjoyed the feel of the sand between our toes and the sound of the ocean waves.
The dunes on the way to the beach

Beautiful, open sky

Running free on the sand!


Puppy Cow, enjoying it all...


An amazing sunset on the Columbia River along the drive home.

AND.... on our way back from camping, we went to pick up the newest member of our family, Moshi! She is 8 weeks old and from a dog rescue in Washington, where she was saved from a crazy-dog-breeding lady who was leaving them without food or water. She is an absolute doll and we are all in love, except for Puppy Cow, our 9.5 year old dog who is jealous to say the least. But Moshi thinks that Finn is the tops, and I can already tell that they are going to be best buds!
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  1. oh man Sophie would be so jealous, she wants a dog so bad...totally sweet.