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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Salvaged Shorts and a Few Summer Additions

I haven't kept up with posting my summer clothes creations for Finn, so here are a few creations from the past few weeks:

Pirate applique shirt: these are super easy. Just find some fabric with a good design that you can cut out. Using fusible webbing, create a decal from your fabric piece, iron onto your shirt, and then hand-stitch around the edges. I have done this for a couple of onsies I gave as baby presents, and they came out pretty cute (photos to come soon!)

Construction pj pants

Salvaged shorts: I found these shorts in a free box on my walk home from the library a while back. They are about the right size for Finn, but had some areas with holes/wear. So I cut some simple shapes out of fabric and hand-stitched them over the worn areas.

I would not have created these out of a good pair of shorts, but since these were headed for the trash anyways, I think the patches make them usable and cute enough.

Dino jammies!
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1 comment:

  1. so cute- love the patch work short salvage!
    Finn must love the patterns you chose for him!