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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Legwarmers In July

So, a few months ago I found some yarn that I loved and decided it would be perfect to make myself a pair of legwarmers. Yes, it was May already, but I figured with all of the festivals I was going to this summer, and camping out, they would surely come in handy. Plus, once the fall weather set in, I would already have some legwarmers to sport.
About 3/4 of the way through the first legwarmer, I realized my skein of yard was not going to be enough for both legwarmers. So, I headed back to the yarn shop. Unfortunately, they were out of the yarn I needed, and since it was a "winter" yarn, they would not be getting any in until the fall, if ever. Yikes! I rushed home and frantically searched online until I found a company that would ship me this Swedish wool.
The second skein came, and although is was clearly the same yarn, it had clearly NOT been dyed at the same time as my other skein. The shades were way off, and the new skein had much darker, richer colors. But as I had already spent weeks making one legwarmer, how could I leave it mate-less? So, last week, I finally finished my second legwarmer. They are cute, but they are not quite a perfect match. My husband said that's what I get for making legwarmers in July!
So, lesson learned: always buy the yarn that you need for a project at the same time at the same place. Otherwise you may spend lots of time, energy, and money having something that is not exactly up to your expectations. At least these legwarmers have a good story behind them, and maybe if I stand with my legs spread far apart, no one will notice? Pin It Now!

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  1. I can't see any difference in the two....they look great!